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PageLines DMS is based on the concept of “drag and drop web design.” This new concept in web design allows you — for the first time —  to use drag and drop to build a professional website.

DMS stands for Design Management System and it was created to allow you to professionally manage your site design with drag & drop and little to no coding.

How it works


To do this, DMS leverages a framework for pre-built “modules” of code called “sections.” Some examples of a section might be a feature slider or a carousel. These sections load all of their required functionality “on demand”, so the DMS system also enhances site organization and performance.

Sections can be dragged around your pages with almost 100% flexibility. They are then configured using section specific settings. You’ll find lots more on using sections in the following sections of this guide.

If you’d like to add new sections to your site, PageLines provides a special store available at www.pagelines.com/shop for you to purchase sections that you can upload to your site. This means your site can grow and evolve organically, something themes or editors can’t do.

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    Thanks! you helped me alot!

  2. Thanks! Your site is great!

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